Thursday, May 7, 2009

NEW Coming Soon!

Hopefully everybody had a great offseason! is gearing up for our best year ever by completely redesigning our site and business to better serve you, our customers! With real-time order tracking, great new sales, a much larger warehouse and an amazing new website, you're gonna LOVE the new Check back here soon for the announcement of when you can visit the NEW, home of the best selection of Halloween and Haunted House Props, Animatronics and Costumes!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

NEW Halloween Props

Good morning Haunters! Rather than a featured product, today your favorite Halloween Props superstore would like to offer a featured category, our collection of BRAND NEW Halloween Props! We're adding new items constantly, and the best way to see what's new is to regularly check our NEW Halloween Props page. Many of our items even have video to demonstrate the Halloween prop, and we're working to add more video every day. Also remember that we are offering 5% off your entire $200+ order for a limited time, and we ALWAYS will match any price you can find on the internet! Please CLICK HERE to view our NEW Halloween Props category. Here's a sample of some of our newest Halloween Props:

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Featured Product - Fogger Halloween Props

Today's featured Halloween Props are two high-quality, low-cost foggers that make great Halloween party decorations. We use these at all our Halloween parties, and the bang for the buck is truly outstanding - they create a great atmosphere, get a ton of attention and are extremely inexpensive. The Pumpkin Fogger is on sale for a limited time for $28.77 ($69 list price) and the Crystal Ball Fogger sells for $38.77 ($72 list price). Click on the following links to purchase:

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Featured Product: NIGHT RAGE Night Terror Costume On Sale

We have another great Featured Product to show you today! When the moon is full and the night is still, a creature walks the Earth that will make your blood run cold. Deluxe oversized mask, hand/arm extenders, oversize feet, tattered shirt, tattered pants and robe belt, the NIGHT RAGE Night Terror Giant Costume is only sale for only $337 - for a limited time only! In addition to that, any purchases made by 9/1/08 will receive a 5% discount at checkout and any purchases over $500 by 9/1/08 get a 10% discount at checkout!! Click here to go to and buy the GIANT "Night Rage" Night Terror costume before we sell out!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Featured Product: DEAD DEBBIE Halloween Prop

Our Dead Debbie Halloween Prop is one of our all-time bestsellers and you can tell why just by looking at that ugly mug. This sweet little thing is dangerous . . . Watch out, she's armed. Beautifully painted foam filled latex with high quality wig. She is designed to be placed against a wall and has a flat back. She's on sale now for $143.77, 38% off the regular price! Click here to purchase Dead Debbie!

Monday, August 4, 2008

WEBCASTER Spider Web Gun - On Sale!

Any home haunter can take an ordinary scene and add cobwebs to bring their scene to minutes! The Webcaster Home Webber Gun comes with 4 free "web" sticks and is on sale for a limited time for $37.88, more than 50% off retail price! Additional Webcaster Web Sticks are also available for $6.77 for packages of 20. Click here to purchase the Webcaster Home Webber Gun.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Featured: REAPER CREEPER Halloween Animatronic Prop

Our featured product today is the oversized REAPER CREEPER Halloween Animatronic Prop with BIG HEAD lunges 8 feet towards patrons with intense ROAR SOUND. This Halloween Prop is really BIG, intimidating & scary. It comes with programmed controller, high-quality digital 16-bit sound, built-in powered speakers, motion sensor or pressure mat, and outlet plug for light or strobe. REQUIREMENTS: AC power and Air 100 psi. Please click here to purchase the Reaper Creeper Halloween Animatronic Prop, and check out the video below: